We offer professional hot oil & conditioning treatment to restore your hair’s vitality naturally using organic ingredients, without any harsh chemicals! · Suitable for ALL hair types, textures and conditions, but especially suited for extremely dry and/or damaged hair · The organic oil treatment is prepared with an assortment of essential oils and proteins especially picked for you, according to the hair type and the condition your hair is in · This treatment generally lasts up to an hour   Your hair is guaranteed to look and feel healthier!     

Prepping for your Hair Treatment-

We recommend that you wash your hair with a residue-free shampoo before your appointment for these services · You should stop using conditioner or any hair products that leave residue for at least 1 week prior to your treatment · Residue-free shampoo bars are available in our shop in-store and online. They are 100% natural, glycerine soap bars, handmade in our shop with love! The clay works to absorb oils and remove all prior residues from your hair. Also made with natural essential oils for their enriching properties     


We offer this service professionally at our salon. This treatment is suitable for new or mature locks. This is the formula for removing excess oils, or anything else unwanted in locks. Except wax! Wax can only be removed by melting out. We do not recommend using wax! Dread wax removal services also offered. 

What we use for our natural deep clean treatment: · Baking soda · Apple cider vinegar (also known as ACV) · Water · Essential/Base oil of your choice (We prefer hemp seed oil or grape seed oil)   

The Process: · The baking soda is first dissolved in water in a small-medium glass jar. · Small amounts are poured over the scalp and the scrubbed, focusing attention on areas where there is a buildup of oils present. · The deep clean treatment is left to absorb and soak into the hair for about 20-30 minutes · The treatment is rinsed out using our gentle, high-quality, specialty soap/shampoo bar that absorbs residue and is made from all natural ingredients without any harsh chemicals (and it’s also available in store and on our online shop!)