Your hair will go through stages as it matures. These stages can vary greatly depending on your hair type.

 PHASE 1: LOCKS AGED 0-6 MONTHS It is recommended only to wash your hair every 5 days or longer for the first few months as your locks are more fragile. You start getting fuzz up and down the shaft of the dreadlock. Don’t worry about the fuzz; it’s all part of the process. It is recommended to schedule maintenance appointments every month to 6 weeks for this phase as it will greatly determine the outcome of your dreadlocks and how they look for years to come!

 PHASE 2: LOCKS AGED 6 MONTHS TO 1 YEAR Your hair is doing what it wants to do. It sometimes seems just out of control. It may stick up instead of lay down, unravel instead of stay tight, or just rebel. Don’t worry about it, this is part of the process too. Please be patient and continue to cultivate your hair. 

PHASE 3: 1- 2 YEAR MARK You have made the journey to “locdom”!!! Your hair is locked and unlike previous stages, it is pretty care free. Wash it when you want, palm roll it when you want, or don’t want, YOU HAVE ARRIVED!!!