We offer professional instalment services in our dreadlock studio located in Montreal, Canada. You can also install our quality made, removable extensions yourself.  

There are many types of dreadlock extensions and styles available in our Salon or on our online store!  

What Styles Do They Come In?

Removable dreadlock extensions are non-damaging to your natural hair and can also be added to existing dreadlocks for added colour, volume and style!   There are many styles or looks to choose from for the synthetic Dreadlocks! These include: · Crochet Method · Blended Fibers or Colors · Natural Look Dreadlocks · Blunted or Rounded Ends · Candy Canes or Striped · Transitional/ Ombre .  and more!

Synthetic dreadlock extensions are very similar to braided extensions, except they are much quicker and easier to install.  Not only are they a great way to add length and versatility to any head of  hair, but they can also be treated almost like your natural hair.  This means that there is a little maintenance (but not too much) involved with the upkeep of synthetic dreads.  They can be worn up, down, in a pony-tail and even be washed.

Double Ended Dreadlocks v. Single Ended Dreadlocks 

Double ended synthetic extensions are one long dread and involves you attaching the hair by braiding around the center of the dread.  They offer a lot of volume and require less work than single ended dreads.  However, they may become a little heavier than single ended extensions.Single ended dreadlocks are also one long dread.  There is a loop at the ended and requires you to braid your hair at the loop.  Single ended extensions are great for those people who don’t want the look of big hair and who don’t want the weight from double ended dreadlocks.

How Long Can I Wear My Dreadlock Extensions?

It is not a good idea to wear your synthetic locks any longer than 10 – 12 weeks at a time.  Doing so may cause unnecessary damage to your hair (tangling, matting, residue build up all can contribute to hair damage and hair loss) It is recommended that you do a deep cleanse and conditioner after removing your extensions.If your dreadlocks begin to like fuzzy or frizzy, you can use scissors to cut off the frizzies from the surface of the lock, giving them a more tidy appearance

Can I Curl My Dreadlocks?

Do not use heat to curl your extensions.  Synthetic hair will MELT when exposed to high temperatures… Again—they will MELT.  If you desire a curly look, use rollers, spritz with water and allow them to air dry.  

What Happens if my Dreadlocks Begin to Unravel?

Don’t worry!  Unraveling can be quickly fixed.  This is perfectly normal and is caused by normal wearing of your extensions for an extended amount of time.    Simply take use a fine tooth comb to lightly tease the dread and twist it back into a dread.  Use a little water on the spot and hold a blow dryer to the area that you just twisted.  (Be careful with the blow dryer as it can melt your beautifully installed extensions as mentioned above.) There are also many other ways to re-tighten your synthetic dreadlock extensions such as steam sealing, pouring boiling hot water over the twisted locs and sealing with a flat iron on low heat over a wet rag!  Again, Be careful! Direct heat can melt your extensions, so heads up!

Can I dye my Synthetic Dreadlck Extensions?

Synthetic hair CANNOT be dyed.

Can I Reuse My Extensions? 

Absolutely!   They have shampoos that are designed for synthetic hair that you can purchase or you can wash using conditioner and lukewarm water. Removable synthetic dreadlock extensions are durable, washable, and reusable  

How do I Maintain my Syntheitc Dreadlock Extensions? 

Steaming: The dreadlock is twisted in the direction it is made Steam is applied to the dreadlock to seal 

Flat Iron: The dreadlock is first submerged into water Place a cloth over the dreadlock and apply heat, while twisting the dreadlock, with the flat iron. 

Boiling: Bring water to a boil Twist dreadlock in a clockwise direction (or the direction that the dreadlock is twisted if it’s already been twisted before) Dip the twisted dreadlock into the boiling water to seal the knots 

NEVER apply heat directly from flat iron, as this will melt the fibre   

*Please note: Always sleep with your head wrapped in a scarf, tam etc. to keep the dreadlocks looking neat and requiring less maintenance 

How do I wash Syntheitc Dreadlock Extenions?

Wash the scalp with shampoo ONLY DO NOT use conditioner! Conditioner can cause the hair to slip from the extension  It’s preferable that you wash your hair in the morning to give your hair a chance to dry during the day A blow dryer can be used to dry your hair (at the scalp) on the lowest setting.  Synthetic dreads can be worn up, down or even washed.  You should focus on cleansing your scalp using your normal shampoo (diluted) or  a residue free dreadlock shampoo.  Simply lather with your fingertips and rinse.  Keep in mind that your dreadlocks will accumulate build up and the residue free shampoo is optimal.Do not wash your extensions more often than 1 – 2 times a week, as doings so will cause your extensions to fizz up and cause them to look messy.   Washing less often will allow you to wear your extensions for a longer period of time and still maintain a neat and tidy look.