For thinning hair.

Our hair follicle treatment will help replenish the nutrients  to the hair that are potentially causing hair loss. 


1. Wash your hair with any of our deep cleaning shampoo products. 

2. Apply product to the follicle of the hair. 

3. GENTLY massage  product in a clockwise direction for 1 minute.  

4. Repeat each 1-3 days.  

This product takes 30 - 45 days of continual use to show a noticeable difference in the growth of your hair. After the first use you will notice and immediate improvement as the hair follicle will feel and appear to be thicker and stronger. 

We recommend to accommodate this product with a nourishing diet, and to drink plenty of water for best results. Taking vitamins such as Biotin/ Vitamin C / Fish Oil can also have beneficial results for hair growth.

Studio Sundari is specialized and familiarized with hair loss replenishing protocolls. We believe that a whole food diet and low stress lifestyle can greatly effect the way your hair grows. When I work with my hair loss clients, I usually ask them specifically when they started having the hair loss. I will then proceed to recommend they see a medical professional that is best suited for the root cause of their issue.

Suggested Medical Professionals:

1. A Functional Therapist (Auto-immune -Thyroid/ Alopecia/ ++)

2. Applied Holistic Nutritionist- (Pregnancy/ Vitamin Deficiency/ Auto-immune -Thyroid/ Alopecia++) 

3. TCM- Traditional Chinese Medical Practitioner- ( Off Balanced/ Change in lifestyle/ Dietary Changes/ Pregnancy/ Vitamin Deficiency/ Body Requires Balancing or Alkalizing)

Try our hair loss serum!

ENERGIZE - FOLLICLE SERUM - By Studio Sundari Dreadlocks Salon- Montreal, Canada 

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Ingredients: Castor Oil, Black Cumin Seed Oil, Rosemary Oil, Lavender