Here are 5 simple tips for keeping your locs in great shape!

1) Don't wash your hair too much or too little.  Clean dreadlocks are healthy dreadlocks. 

Make sure to use a specialty dreadlock shampoo or a residue free shampoo when washing dreads! It is recommended to wash your hair each 2-4 weeks depending on how much oil your scalp produces. Residue Free Shampoo Bars for dreads available at   

2) Do not let your hair stay wet longer than 72 hours.   It is important to wash your hair in the mornings or blow-dry your hair on a low heat to dry. After 72 hours of wet hair it is possible for mold to form in the dreadlocks causing them to smell musty when they are wet. If you think you have mold its ok! Mold can be removed using an ACV Deep clean rinse that you can make on your own or have a professional treatment done at our salon!   

3) Wrap your head when you sleep!   When you sleep all that tossing and turning causes the hair to become loose. It is also essential after a maintenance appointment to wrap your hair for 2-3 weeks after while sleeping so that the new knots can settle in and stay in place! (head wraps and head tubes available on our website   

4) Wait 2-3 weeks after your maintenance appointment to wash your hair! This is not essential but it helps alot! When the hair is wet it causes the new knots not to stay in place and may undo some if the new knots. If exercising it is important to use a wet cloth or lightly spray the scalp with water to remove sweat from the scalp to avoid itching or agitation.   

5) Keep your dreads hydrated and conditioned!!! It is incredibly important to keep your scalp and body of the dreads hydrated to ensure less breakage at the roots and dreads. It is important not to use products that contain petroleum or bees wax because these products seal in moisture causing mold and leaving residues in the hair that damage the hair long term in some cases. Ideal products for hydrating dreadlocks are hair creams and hair oils made for Dreadlocks.    Please feel free to visit our online shop where we specially formulate natural care products for dreadlocks for all hair textures! We hope you enjoyed this article!