Completely re-build your dreadlocks or just come for a simple root touch up! Any problem can be fixed! 


  • Offering advanced dreadlock extension services to correct hair loss! 
  • Clean roots/ tighten roots and body of dreadlocks 
  • Fix weak spots and holes at the roots or body of the dreadlock 
  • Smooth bumps and loose hairs into the body of the dreadlock 
  • Round tips 
  • Fix sectioning pattern/dread setting 
  • Make your dreads thicker or thinner
  • Create a smooth, curly or kinky texture to your dreadlocks 
  • Washing of dreadlocks 
  • Styling of dreadlocks 
  • A Large variety of jewellery or ornaments available to add for decoration   
  • Dreadlock deep clean treatments, Hot oil treatments, Dread wax removal treatments and Scalp treatments also available.

The average appointment time for dreadlock repair is 1- 3 hours. The price will depend on the length of time your hair takes to maintain.    


We recommend washing your hair with a residue-free shampoo before your appointment. You should stop using conditioner or any hair products that leave a residue for at least 1 week prior to dreadlock creation. Residue free dreadlock shampoo bars are available in the Salon or on our online store · We can also wash your hair here! 

  • When washing dreadlocks it is recommended to wait at least 1 week after dreadlock creation or maintenance. 
  • It is also recommended to wrap you head for 1 week while you sleep. The friction from your head against a pillow will untangle new knots formed from your maintenance session. It is best to keep them tight against your head for the first week or so to let the new knots settle!
  • You can cause fewer frizzes by cutting apart some pantyhose and placing it over your dreadlocks. Wash your dreads through the mesh for the first few washes until they form a bit more, but this is not necessary. This is recommended for people with dreadlocks 1 year or less. 
  • Washing your hair actually helps tighten locks as it removes access oils and residues causing your dreads to slow down their dreading process. ONLY USE A RESIDUE FREE SHAMPOO & NO CONDITIONER!!! 
  • Once dreadlocks are more established, it is healthy to wash them every 7-14 days depending on how many oils your scalp produces. 
  • It is also very important not to wash them at night, or when they cannot dry. Try to wash them in the morning or use a hair dryer to fully dry before bed! Try not to let them stay wet for more than half a day to keep your locks smelling clean and fresh!
  •  Many 100% natural dreadlock products available in our Salon or on our online store to help your dreadlocks every step of the way!