At Studio Sundari, our locticians offer high-quality, professional dreadlock services. We have years of experience with all hair textures, leaving your hair locked and looking fantastic from the first day!    Upon your arrival to the Studio, your stylist will consult you on which method of dreadlocks is most suitable for your hair type, educate you on how to maintain your dreadlocks, and what method of creation will create the look and style of dreadlocks that you desire!   Book an appointment for a FREE consultation today!  

 Ø CHOOSE a SECTIONING PATTERN: We can create any of the following sectioning methods:  · Triangle,  · Square,  · Diamond or  · Natural sectioning patterns. 

Ø CHOOSE A LOCKING METHOD: Backcomb Method: This method creates smooth dreads. You will lose approximately 1/3 of the length of your hair with this method. This method is the healthiest for your hair and can be combed out, or removed if desired. Backcomb method takes on average 6 months to 1 year to mature. Appointment time is an average of 3-5 hours. 

Crochet Method: This method creates textured dreadlocks. You do not lose any length with this method. Your hair will mature fastest in 2-3 months with this method. Appointment time is an average of 3-6 hours. The hair matures fastest with this method. 

Twist & Rip Method: Creates extremely textured locks. The hair generally matures in 2-8 months with this method. Appointment time average is 4-9 hours. 

Twist Method: This method is reserved for afro kinky hair. This method takes approx. 2 months for the hair to mature. Appointment time is on average 1-3 hours. this is the quickest method of instalment for afro kinky textured hair. 

Interlock Method: This method is non-damaging, however you lose more length. It creates a slightly textured look and requires little maintenance once created on the body of the dreadlock. Recommended for all hair textures; Especially afro textured hair. Installment time varies by hair texture and size of dreadlocks. 

Sundari Locking Method: This method is reserved for afro kinky hair. This method produces very small locs that have a slightly twisted look. The look is identical to the “sister loc method” but can be installed in only half the time (compared to the sister loc method). Only a handful of locticians in Canada specialize in methods of creating locs similar to this method. This exact method of locking is exclusive to the Studio Sundari Salon. Appointment time is on average 1-2 days as the dreadlocks are very small and require more time. After creation little maintenance to the body of the loc is required. 

LENGTH OF APPOINTMENT FOR DREADLOCK CREATION: The appointment times are averages as each set of dreadlocks varies in the amount of time they take to create depending on the thickness, length, sectioning pattern and method of creation. Keep in mind our stylists are experienced and very fast at what they do!