Permanent dreadlock extensions can be made to suit existing locks perfectly right down to texture and color! Specializing in all hair textures! 

Permanent dreadlock extensions can be applied to natural hair, or can also be applied to existing dreadlocks for length, volume or added thickness. Also they are used to achieve a different look to your already existing dreads!

Installment is 100% natural and leaves you with a well-manicured set of locks from the start. They require no maintenance and look identical to real dreadlocks. We offer the best dreadlock extension services in Quebec and rank among the top Dreadlock Extensionists internationally.

Dreadlock extensions also require much less maintenance then natural dreadlocks! This service generally is a 1-2 day appointment. Your appointment time will vary depending on: 

  1. How short your hair is that we are attaching too. (the shorter the hair, the longer the process. 
  2. We can attach anywhere from 1 inch afro kinky hair, 2.5 inches silky texture hair) 
  3. How small your desired locks are. (the smaller or thinner you want your dreadlocks to be, the longer the process) 
  4. Desired appearance & method of dreadlock creation (as some methods take longer than others)    


  • After your extensions are installed, do not shampoo your hair for 6 weeks, as during this time the bridge will begin the dreading-in process 
  • After 6 weeks, feel free to shampoo your dreadlocks with shampoo designed for dreadlocks · The natural hair will have grown and the bridge may begin to loosen up. When this happens, it will need to be re-tightened, which is approximately every 30-90 days 
  • For out-of-province and international clients, it is recommended to schedule a maintenance appointment every 3 months to maintain your Loc Extension Bridge