Permanent Dreadlock Extension

Permanent Dreadlock Extension:

$55/ hr per person

Permanent dreadlock extensions can be made to suit existing locks perfectly right down to texture and color! Specializing in all hair textures!

Permanent dreadlock extensions can be applied to natural hair and is referred to as same time dreadlock creation and extension. Extensions can also be applied to existing dreadlocks for length, volume or added thickness. Also they are used to achieve a different look to your already existing dreads! Installment is 100% natural and leaves you with a well manicured set of locks from the start. They require no maintenance and look identical to real dreadlocks. We offer the best dreadlock extension services in Quebec and rank among the top Dreadlock Extensionists within Canada & USA. We can create your dream dreadlocks! Satisfaction guaranteed!

Dreadlock extensions also require much less maintenance then natural dreadlocks!

This service generally is a 1-2 day appointment. Your appointment time will vary depending on:

- How short your hair is that we are attaching too.( the shorter the hair, the longer the process. We can attach anywhere from 1 inch afro kinky hair, 2.5 inches silky texture hair.)

- How small your desired locks are. (the smaller or thinner you want your dreadlocks to be, the longer the process)

- Desired appearance & method of dreadlock creation (as some methods take longer then others)

- Length of Permanent Dreadlock Extensions ( the longer the extensions, the longer they will take!)


Installation Price Guide & Fiber Options:


$55/ per hour for 1 Professional Locktician
$110 per hour for 2 Professional Lockticians
Plus price of Materials.

Choose from:

Synthetic fiber matures faster and costs less then human hair. Synthetic fiber requires little to no maintenance. Synthetic hair CAN NOT be dyed, colored and is heat sensitive. Looks identical to human hair.

Human Hair: Feels softer then synthetic fiber. Can be dyed and colored. Requires much more maintenance then synthetic hair. Human hair s lighter then synthetic fiber and appears most natural. Human hair is more expensive then synthetic hair.

Afro Kinky Human or Synthetic Hair: Is suited for kinky look dreadlocks and afro kinky dreads. Also suited for wrap method extensions.

****Loose permanent dreadlock extensions also sold separately in our Shop and includes a DIY INSTALLATION VIDEO/TUTORIAL. Average price ranges from $160- $400 depending on materials used and labor.***** Order time is generally 1-3 weeks. Worldwide & Expedite shipping also available.


This service is reserved for persons with thinning hair, bald spots or very little hair. We can completely re-build your existing dreadlocks , or create a completely fresh set of beautiful, full and natural looking permanent dreadlock extensions!

So you are currently experiencing thinning and breakage with your natural hair. Is your hair becoming fragile/balding or thinning and you are tired of wearing hats and wraps and you are also tired of wigs/weaves and getting perms and braids. Are you experiencing alopecia?Do you currently desire dreadlocks but because of your hair, You aren’t sure if you are able to receive them??

It is time to allow your hair time to heal and grow at a slow steady and healthy pace. You desire dreadlocks but do not know if you can receive them with your hair’s current state. OR If you currently have locs that over the years began to thin and break offer, You desire a head full of locs that will cover up the spot/thinning that you may currently have.

The bridge will support your natural locs and keep them from thinning out.

The bridges are designed with a strong fiber that is wrapped in human hair and attached in a spider web type fashion. Each individual dreadlock extensions s attached onto the bridge.The locs on the bridge are securely attached to give you a full head of dreadlocks. The bridge will cover up any spot that you want to cover up. The hair is very light and not heavy at all on the hair. We use the stronger areas of hair to make thicker locs to ultimately give you a full head of dreadlocks!!

HAIR APPOINTMENT DEPOSIT: $300/ Not applicable for maintenance appointments.

You will have up to 48 hours to send your hair deposit after you have made your appointment. The deposit can be paid via Paypal in our webstore or by credit card within 48 hours of you setting your appointment. Your remaining balance will be paid at the time of your appointment. Your hair deposit is nondeductible from your loc extension bridge installation price.


Your Loc Bridge will be customized to your head. Loc Extensions can take anywhere from 6 months to a year to completely dread all of the way in from the root of your natural hair to the tip of the extension. After your bridge is installed you will not shampoo your hair for 6 weeks.During this time your bridge will then begin the dreading in process. After 6 weeks you will be able to shampoo your locs.

Healthy hair grows at a rate of an inch to an inch and a half each month and so by your 90 day period your natural hair will have grown and your bridge will begin to loosen up and will need to be re-tightened..Many of my clients with this particular service that are out of country and usually will fly in for maintenance every 90 days for me to maintain their loc bridge. Your Loc Bridge Maintenance fee will include shampoo/condition/re-tightening and re-twisting of your new growth every 90 days.During your maintenance service I will also give you hair strengthening and growth herbal treatments which will overtime allow your natural hair to grow and thicken up.

Overtime as your natural hair is growing I will begin each maintenance visit by cutting out the portion of the bridge that has new growth and then and replacing that area of new growth with a individual loc extension. Eventually overtime as I get your natural hair growing for you your entire loc bridge will be eventually cut out and individual loc extensions will completely fill in the areas where there is new growth.This can take anywhere from 6 months to a year or longer depending upon the growth of your natural hair.For my out of state/out of country clients I would suggest that you be able to come back to me every 90 days to maintain your Loc Extension Bridge.

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