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Guaranteed to look and feel as natural as your own hair! At Salon Sundari our hair stylists are passionate about hair extensions. We offer many methods of professional hair extension services, if it exists we can probably do it! (For example, we can even change your hair color without ever dyeing your hair)

  • Hair extension service pricing is by consultation
  • Installment time varies between approximately 2-5 hours
  • During your appointment, we will educate you on the pros and cons of each installment method. We always advise the best method of installment for your hair texture, scalp and hair health
  • All extension services include 1 free follow up appointment within 7 days if needed to ensure your hair extensions are doing well
  • We also sell hair extensions too at VERY reasonable pricing!

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Sundari Specialties & Services include

All prices are plus materials. Please see our hair extension price guide for hair extension prices.
Cold Fusion, Micro-Ring Method Or Link Installment Method:
  • This method is Eco-Friendly and non-damaging to your hair
  • Great for adding highlights, as well as for blending an assortment of colors and tones seamlessly
  • Links are one of the most versatile systems available today
  • Can be used with weft hair and i-tip extensions
  • This method will last 2-3 months with no damage to your natural hair!

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Tape Method: 
  • This method is suitable for ALL hair types, whether you have thin or thick hair
  • Not recommended for very damaged hair- we suggest going with one of our all natural hair treatments to get your hair and scalp healthy again
  • Causes little or no damage to your natural hair if done correctly and properly maintained
  • A very quick and easy installation, perfect for those with a busy lifestyle
  • Your extensions will generally last 2-3 months with great results!

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Hot Fusion Installment Method: 
  • Glue attachment method: This method is done by adding strands of (extension) hair to strands of natural hair, using a hot protein adhesive
  • Not recommended for thin or damaged hair
  • This method lasts on average 1-3 months

Braid Extensions
  • A natural, non glue attachment method
  • May cause a bit of damaging to your hair depending on how tight the extensions are sewn in/braided on, so we take care not to overdo it!
  • Frequent conditioning of the scalp is recommended to keep it healthy and to prevent the hair from breaking. We carry our own line of all natural hair treatments to get your hair and scalp healthy (without any harsh chemicals!) available as a professional service at the salon, or for purchase for home use
  • This method will last for up to 3 months

Weft and micro ring fusion technique, EZ weft
EZ Weft Extension or Hair Swift Extension: 
  • Known as Hair Swift extensions, also called EZ Weft
  • Non adhesive attachment method
  • Recommended for ALL hair types, especially thick hair
  • This method uses a machine hair weft with micro ring attached (the extensions are machine-made and have micro-rings sewn in by hand along the weft)
  • Quick installation, very durable and non-damaging to your hair
  • Can be used to do hair extensions with double methods
  • Can be installed using extension pliers and pulling needles as well as a weaving needle
  • Very easy to achieve incredible length and volume with this method
  • No damage is done to your hair– No harsh chemicals, no wax, no glue, no heat and no acetone!
  • This method generally lasts for up to 3 months


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Braidless Weave or Braidless Sew In Extensions: 
  • Helps eliminate bulkiness throughout the hair, leaving no lumps or bumps
  • Gives more flexibility with styling (such as putting your hair up into an up-do style, or high, flat ponytail) without any visible extensions
  • Allows for “breathing room” for the scalp since your hair is not braided down using this method. This means more thorough cleansing when washing your hair
  • This method generally lasts for up to 3 months with proper care

Sew In Extensions or Weft:
    One of the most commonly used methods

  • Very quick installation and lasts considerably longer than other techniques
  • This method does not allow for use of regular hair maintenance (usually once every 1 – 2 weeks)
  • Tracking involves the braiding of a person’s natural hair
  • The hair is sewn horizontally across the head, from one side to the other, starting from the bottom. The braided hair is then sewn down, and then the hair weft extensions are sewn onto the braids. This is done to prevent the hair from becoming bumpy or uneven
  • A weave can consist of either a few tracks, or the whole head can be braided for a full head weave
  • With a full head weave, the braids are sewn down or covered with a net. Extensions are then sewn to the braids. The number of tracks used depends on the desired look.

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Clip In Extensions Installment: 
  • These extensions are temporary, lasting 1-6 days
  • A set of clip-in extensions usually averages 8 strips of human hair in varying widths, from 2-8 inches
  • The hair weft has small toupee clips sewn onto them
  • Starting at the nape of the neck, the hair is first sectioned neatly. The weft is then placed onto the section with the clips open and facing the scalp. Each clip is then snapped into place!
  • It can be helpful to lightly backcomb each section for a more secure grip. This is repeated until each clip-in weft is in place
  • Clip-ins can be worn all day and all night; however, they must be removed before sleeping
  • Multi-purpose, durable and super versatile- Some people wear clip-ins just for night life, while others wear them everyday for work


Feather extension hair extension Studio Sundari Montreal specialty funky hair salon


Feather Hair Extensions & Hair Wraps

What is a Hair Wrap?

A Hair wrap is a trendy fashion accessory for your hair. They are made of different color cottons wrapped or plaited together, usually finished with beads or a charm at one end. Hair Wraps are worn by girls and guys of all ages.

Hair Wrap Care
  • All of our hair wraps are made from the highest quality 100% cotton thread and will not fade or break
  • Hair can be washed as normal, and swimming with your hair wrap is not a problem
  • Our hair wraps can last up to 12 months if proper care is taken
Hair Wrap Installation & Removal
  • The pre-made hair wraps can be purchased from in our shop directly or from our web store
  • You can add and remove your hair wrap as often as you like, or if you prefer a more permanent solution (one that lasts 3 months to 1 year), you can pop by the salon to have one installed!
  • Hair wraps are non-damaging to your hair, and can be installed to dreadlocks or natural hair
History of Hair Wraps & Other Facts
  • Weaving colorful threads into hair is a practice that dates back to ancient Egypt. During that time, women adorned their hair with ribbons, flowers, diadems and coronets
  • Beads were used to stabilize wigs
  • The wealthier Egyptians wove tubes of gold into each lock
  • The practice of hair wrapping grew popular in medieval Europe
  • It also became a very common trend in the sixties with the hippy community on the beaches of California
  • Over the past decade it has become universally popular, as a beautiful and long lasting hair ornamentation
Feather Hair Extensions
Feather Hair Extension Installment Service: 

If you’re looking to get ahead of the trends before they have a chance to blow-up, now is the time to seriously consider feather hair extensions. Variations of feather hair extensions have been seen in the past, but this spring is the first time we’re seeing it all across the fashion landscape. The trend is starting to spread like wild fire and can be spotted on some of today’s hottest starts, including Hillary Duff, Steven Tyler and Taryn Manning.

  • Our feather hair extensions typically come in a variety of colors, from natural colors like brown and tan to the bold-and-daring purples, greens, blues and pinks.
  • Most feather hair extensions are made from real feathers of farm-raised roosters and are meticulously hand-selected and sorted to ensure high quality. Vegan feather hair extensions are also available! (Synthetic feathers that look just like the real deal!)
  • The great thing about feather extensions is it takes mere seconds to secure the feathers to your natural hair using a little micro beads and they won’t damage your hair. They’re versatile enough that you can still blow dry, curl and straighten your hair without having to worry about potential damage to the feathers.
  • While they don’t last as long as regular hair extensions, you can still expect a good couple months before having to replace them with new feathers



Natural Braids 

Permanent Dreadlock Extensions: 

Please see dreadlocks for more information.

Removable Dreadlock Extensions or Faux Locs: 

Please see dreadlocks for more information.

Custom Made Hair Pieces, Lace Front Wigs, Senegalese Twists, Micro Twists Price by consultation
Lace Fronts
Any color or texture is available by special order
  • A type of extension that features a lace front used to close a weave (also called a lace or closure)
  • Lacefront are the most recent development in weave extensions
  • Are made from a nylon mesh material formed into a cap, that is then hand-ventilated by knotting single strands of hair into the tiny openings of the
  • cap, giving the hair a more natural and authentic continuity than typical extensions
  • The extension units can be woven in or attached to a person’s hairline with special adhesives
  • To ensure a proper fit, head measurements are taken into account with this type of weave
  • A lace frontal is best installed by a professional, since more advanced weaving and hair extensions are used
  • Commonly used method by women from all over the world
  • This method makes it possible to have access to a certain part of the scalp, yet still giving a natural and attractive look

Store Policy

REFUNDS: We do not issue refunds. However we pride ourselves on 100% customer satisfaction and if you are not 100% satisfied with your service we will fix the problem for free within 7 days of your service.

LATES: Our late policy is a $25 charge for clients arriving 20 minutes or more after their appointment time.

RESERVATION FEE: A deductible deposit of $25 is required in advance for large reservations of a $100 value or more..

CANCELLATION: You may cancel your appointment within 24 hours of your appointment start time. Failure to do so may result in a 25% fee of your total service and will be charged to your credit card.