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Creation of New Dreadlocks 

At Studio Sundari Salon, our locticians offer high-quality, professional dreadlock services. We have years of experience with all hair textures, leaving your hair locked and looking fantastic from the first day! Upon your arrival to the Studio, your stylist will consult you on which method of dreadlocks is most suitable for your hair type, educate you on how to maintain your dreadlocks, and what method of creation will create the look and style of dreadlocks that you desire!

Sectioning pattern:

We can create triangle, square, diamond or natural sectioning patterns.2nd: Pick a method of dreadlock creation. The appointment times are averages as each set of dreadlocks varies in the amount of time they take to create depending on the thickness, length, sectioning pattern and method of creation. Keep in mind our stylists are experienced and very fast at what they do!

Choose a locking method:

Backcomb Method: This method creates smooth dreads. You will loose approximately 1/3 of the length of your hair with this method. This method is the most healthy for your hair and can be combed out, or removed if desired. Backcomb method takes on average 6 months to 1 year to mature. Appointment time is an average of 3-5 hours.

Crochet Method: This method creates textured dreadlocks. You do not loose any length with this method.
Your hair will mature fastest in 2-3 months with this method. Appointment time is an average of 3-6 hours. The hair matures fastest with this method.

Twist & Rip Method: Creates extremely textured locks. The hair generally matures in 2-8 months with this method. Appointment time average is 4-9 hours.

Twist Method: This method is reserved for afro kinky hair. This method takes approx 2 months for the hair to mature. Appointment time is on average 1-3 hours. this is the quickest method of instalment for afro kinky textured hair.

Interlock Method: This method is non, damaging, however you loose more length. It creates a slightly textured look and requires little maintenance once created on the body of the dreadlock. Recommended for all hair textures, especially afro textured hair. Installment time varies by hair texture and size of dreadlocks.

Sundari Locking Method: This method is reserved for afro kinky hair. This method produces very very small locs that have a slightly twisted look. The look is identical to the “sister loc method” but can be installed in only half the time (compared to the sister loc method). Only a handful of locticians in Canada specialize in methods of creating locs similar to this method. This exact method of locking is exclusive to the Studio Sundari Salon. Appointment time is on average 1-2 days as the dreadlocks are very small and require more time. After creation little maintenance to the body of the loc is required.

Dreadlock Repair

The average appointment time for dreadlock repair  is 1- 3 hours. The price will depend on the length of time your hair takes to maintain. You also have the option of 2 professional lockticians working with your hair at once!

Problem solved! About dreadlock maintenance….

Completely re-build your dreadlocks or just come for a simple root touch up! Any problem can be fixed! Also offering advanced dreadlock extension services to correct hair loss!

  • Clean roots/ tighten roots and body of dreadlocks
  • Fix weak spots and holes at the rootsor body of the dreadlock
  • Smooth bumps and loose hairs into the body of the dreadlock
  • Round tips
  • Fix sectioning pattern/dread setting
  • Make your dreads thicker or thinner
  • Create a smooth, curly or kinky texture to your dreadlocks
  • Washing of dreadlocks
  • Styling of dreadlocks
  • Large variety of jewelery or ornaments avaialble to add for decoration

***Dreadlock deep clean treatments, hot oil treatments, dreadwax removal treatments and scalp treatments also available. Please visit the “hair Treatments page on our salon service page for more information.***

*We can even create the appearance of dreadlocks in areas where there is no hair! See our “Permanent Dreadlock Extension” page in the salon service page for more details.*

Before & After Care
  • We recommend to wash your hair with a residue-free shampoo before your appointment. You should stop using conditioner or any hair products that leave a residue for at least 1 week prior to dreadlock creation. Residue free dreadlock shampoo bars are available in the shop
  • We can also wash your hair here!
  • When washing dreadlocks it is recommended to wait at least 1 week after dreadlock creation or maintenance.
  • It is also recommended to wrap you head for 1 week while you sleep. The friction from your head against a pillow will untangle new knots formed from your maintenance session. It is best to keep them tight against your head for the first week or so to let the new knots settle!
  • You can cause less frizz by cutting apart some pantyhose and placing it over your dreadlocks. Wash your dreads through the mesh for the first few washes until they form a bit more, but this is not necessary. This is recommended for people with dreadlocks 1 year or less.
  • Washing your hair actually helps tighten locks as it removes access oils and residues causing your dreads to slow down their dreading process. ONLY USE A RESIDUE FREE SHAMPOO. NO CONDITIONER!!! Once dreadlocks are more established, it is healthy to wash them every 3-14 days, depending on how many oils your scalp produces. It is also very important not to wash them at night, or when they can not dry. Try to wash them in the morning or use a hair dryer to fully dry before bed! Try not to let them stay wet for more then half a day to keep your locks smelling clean and fresh!
  • Many 100% natural dreadlock products available in our shop to help your dreadlocks every step of the way!


Your hair will go through stages as it matures.
These stages can vary greatly depending on your hair type.

PHASE 1: Locks aged 0-6 months

It is recommended only to wash you hair every 5 days or longer for the first few months as your locks are more fragile. You start getting fuzz up and down the shaft of the dreadlock. Don’t worry about the fuzz, it’s all part of the process. It is recommended to schedule maintenance appointments every month to 6 weeks for this phase as it will greatly determine the outcome of your dreadlocks and how they look for years to come!

PHASE 2: Locks aged 6 months to 1 year

Your hair is doing what it wants to do. It sometimes seems just out of control. It may stick up instead of lay down, unravel instead of stay tight, or just rebel. Don’t worry about it, this is part of the process too. Please be patient and continue to cultivate your hair.

PHASE 3: 1- 2 year mark

You have made the journey to “locdom”!!! Your hair is locked and unlike previous stages, it is pretty care free. Wash it when you want, palm roll it when you want, or don’t want, YOU HAVE ARRIVED!!!

Permanent Dreadlock Extensions 

Permanent dreadlock extensions can be made to suit existing locks perfectly right down to
texture and color! Specializing in all hair textures!

Permanent dreadlock extensions can be applied to natural hair and is referred to as same
time dreadlock creation and extension. Extensions can also be applied to existing dreadlocks
for length, volume or added thickness. Also they are used to acheive a different look to your
already existing dreads!
Installment is 100% natural and leaves you with a well manicured set of locks from the start.
They require no maintenance and look identical to real dreadlocks. We offer the best
dreadlock extension services in Quebec and rank among the top Dreadlock Extensionists
within Canada & USA.
We can create your dream dreadlocks! Satisfaction guaranteed!

Dreadlock extensions also require much less maintenance then natural dreadlocks!
This service generally is a 1-2 day appointment. Your appointment time will vary
depending on:

  • How short your hair is that we are attaching too.(the shorter the hair, the longer the
    process. We can attach anywhere from 1 inch afro kinky hair, 2.5 inches silky texture hair)
  • How small your desired locks are. (the smaller or thinner you want your dreadlocks to be,
    the longer the process)
  • Desired appearance & method of dreadlock creation (as some methods take longer
    than others)


  • After your extensions are installed, do not shampoo your hair for 6 weeks, as during
    this time the bridge will begin the dreading-in process
  • After 6 weeks, feel free to shampoo your dreadlocks with shampoo designed for dreadlocks
  • The natural hair will have grown and the bridge may begin to loosen up. When this
    happens, it will need to be re-tightened, which is approximately every 30-90 days
  • For out-of-province and international clients, it is recommended to schedule a maintenance
    appointment every 3 months to maintain your Loc Extension Bridge


We offer professional instalment services in our dreadlock salon located in Montreal, Canada.
You can also install our quality made, removable extensions yourself. There are many types
of dreadlock extensions and styles available in our shop!
Dreadlock extensions can be used for a style that causes no damage to your natural hair,
bulk up or give length to existing dreadlocks, or to add a splash of colour!

Pricing is as follows:

Prices are per piece. We recommend 40-60 dreadlock extensions for a full head.
$5-$10 each
Medium Length (10-16 inches), Extra Long (22+ inches), Extra Large Size, Shorter Crochet
Method, Special Effects Dreads, 
Long Crocheted Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions,
Double Ended Special Effects Dreads
Installment is $200-$250 plus the price of dreadlock extensions. Average appointment time varies between 2-4 hours.

  • There are many styles or looks to choose from! These include:
  • Crochet Method
  • Blended Fibers or Colors
  • Natural Look Dreadlocks
  • Blunted or Rounded Ends
  • Candy Canes or Striped
  • Transitional
  • *Please note: Manicured ends and manicured style are included on all dreadlocks extensions and generally will arrive in this style unless stated otherwise.
Installation Price Guide and Fiber Option:

Plus price of Materials.

Choose from the Following:
Synthetic fiber: matures faster and costs less than human hair. Synthetic fiber requires little to no maintenance. Synthetic hair CANNOT be dyed

Kinky Human or Synthetic Hair: Is suited for kinky look dreadlocks and afro kinky dreads. Also suited for wrap method extensions.

****Loose permanent dreadlock extensions also sold separately in our Shop and includes a DIY INSTALLATION VIDEO/TUTORIAL. Average price ranges from $160- $400 depending on materials used and labor.***** Order time is generally 1-3 weeks.
Worldwide & Expedite shipping also available.


Last for 2-3 months (on average) in hair before needing to be re-installed.
Removable dreadlock extensions are non-damaging to your natural hair.
Can also be added to existing dreadlocks for added colour, volume and style!


*Please note: Always sleep with your head wrapped in a scarf, tam etc. to keep the dreadlocks looking neat and requiring less maintenance.

Bring water to a boil
Twist dreadlock in a clockwise direction (or the direction that the dreadlock is twisted if it’s already been twisted before)
Dip the twisted dreadlock into the boiling water to seal the knots

The dreadlock is twisted in the direction it is made
Steam is applied to the dreadlock to seal

Flat Iron:
The dreadlock is first submerged into water
Place a cloth over the dreadlock and apply heat, while twisting the dreadlock, with the flat iron. NEVER directly apply heat from flat iron, as this will melt the fibre


Wash scalp with shampoo ONLY
DO NOT use conditioner! Conditioner can cause the hair to slip from the extension
Its preferable that you wash your hair in the morning to give your hair a chance to dry during the day
A blow dryer can be used to dry your hair (at the scalp) on the lowest setting

Thank you for your support! All orders are processed and shipped in a timely manor. Processing times vary between 1-4 weeks. All orders are quality made and created with care!

Store Policy

REFUNDS: We do not issue refunds. However we pride ourselves on 100% customer satisfaction and if you are not 100% satisfied with your service we will fix the problem for free within 7 days of your service.

LATES: Our late policy is a $25 charge for clients arriving 20 minutes or more after their appointment time.

RESERVATION FEE: A deductible deposit of $25 is required in advance for large reservations of a $100 value or more..

CANCELLATION: You may cancel your appointment within 24 hours of your appointment start time. Failure to do so may result in a 25% fee of your total service and will be charged to your credit card.